Paris Hilton Knife Set

The Paris Hilton Knife Set is a glamorous design with pink handles and gold accents that will add glamor to your kitchen.
Stainless steel blades provide precision and sharpness.
This great pack include­s all the cutters you require­ for regular use. No more wre­stling with unsuitable tools, say hi to easy chopping and slicing. Get this set today and take the first step towards a more efficient and enjoyable cooking experience.
Be an Icon in the kitchen with Paris Hilton!
Knives and other kitchen utensils are available at Amazon.
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paris hilton knife set

Cook like a star with Paris Hilton Knife Set


Paris Hilton knife set is not only functional tool but also exquisite work of art.


High-quality knifes crafted with top-notch materials and state-of-the-art technology.


Paris Hilton Knife Set result from the painstaking work of the best artisans.

What makes Paris Hilton knife set and cutting boards so good?

The Paris Hilton collection is a stylish kitchen accessory and a step towards a sustainable future.

Knives cut perfectly, and cutting boards do not absorb odors and do not deform.

Eco-friendly materials

We only use certified materials that are not harmful to the environment.

paris hilton knife set

See what people are saying



Cute and Sharp

This Paris Hilton Knife Set is so freaking cute and sharp! They were supposed to come after Christmas, but they came on the 22nd. I got the chance to use them and I accident cut myself when I was hand washing them. Personally I won’t be placing these in the dishwasher to make sure I don’t ruin them. I love them and I would totally recommend to buy.


Gorgeous knife set

It's the most gorgeous knife set I've ever seen in my life. I'm extremely happy with it and it looks exactly like it does in the picture even better. I love it!
M. Moua


Cool gift

Gave this set as a gift to a girlfriend, she is happy!
Samantha Meza



The knives are lightweight and very sharp. They're so pretty with glitter handles and the cutting board is super cute as well. Paris Hilton knife set is a cool tool on kitchen.
Eloise Glover


Cutting board and knives

It's a set of knives from Paris Hilton, which isn't a bad thing.
Luv the unique look and color. Can’t beat the Amazon price!!!
These are a fun set I purchased for my daughters for when they get their first homes. I started the PH kitchenwares collection for each of my daughters. Pots/ pans, knife block set, charcuterie board and Dutch oven. Again, a beginners collection for all the young ladies and gentlemen who adore Baby pink in their homes.
Martha Pinkertone


Paris knife set

they are not only super cute & pink, they work very well and are very nice knifes.
Vincent White


It's a wonderful gift

Gave the Paris Hilton Knife Set to my daughter. She is now the boss of the kitchen.


Awesome charcuterie board

I love this Paris Hilton knife set. It made our homemade board so much better and was perfect for a date night at home. It was a great purchase. The items were easy to clean, and the board did not stain easily with the oils from the meat. However, the instructions do say to dry the knives immediately. I assume that it will discolor easily and water stain easily.

Frequency Answer Questions

What makes the Paris Hilton knife set special?

The Paris Hilton cutlery set is a stylish kitchen accessory and a step towards an eco-friendly future. The knives are practical and made from eco-friendly materials.

How sharp are these knives?

Paris Hilton Knife Set is crafted from premium-grade stainless steel, requiring proper maintenance to maintain a sharp edge.

What do others say about the sets?

Reviews are mostly positive; people praise the stylish design, sharpness of the blades, and eco-friendly materials. Some note that the knives are suitable for beginners rather than professional chefs.

What sets are included in the collection?

Paris Hilton knife set offers:

6, seven, and 16-piece knife sets with magnetic blocks or transparent stands.
Cutting boards and serving sets with elegant designs.
Reversible cutting boards made of bamboo in different sizes.

Can the knives be washed in the dishwasher?

The manufacturer recommends washing the knives by hand to maintain their appearance and sharpness.

Where can I buy these knives?

The Paris Hilton knife set can be found in the official store on Amazon.

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